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game removed

2009-07-30 23:38:44 by wisconsin212

i removed the game for many reasons i havent reolized all the glitches in the game and i thank all the people that have helped me by telling me the problems without insulting me lol well anyways i romoved the game to fix it and ahh ya

new game im working on

2009-07-27 12:54:07 by wisconsin212

im working on a new flash game right now a platformer and im trying to make it a pretty chalenging but i know how people on newgrounds *cough* lastman *cough*

christmas flash

2008-12-29 18:13:25 by wisconsin212

well i made it and its still not on the christmas collection can sombody fix that for me


2008-11-29 20:19:10 by wisconsin212

i have just submitten my entry for the moonwalker collab